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Talent Spotlight

The faces of TERI Common Grounds Café 

Our success and growth wouldn't be possible without the gifted people we employ, and we have some of the very best. We invite you to meet some of the faces behind our achievements!

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Hello, my name is Brian


With a desire to make a difference for others, Brian Ross is driven by a strong motivation to create a positive impact for others. He actively pursues his passion by observing and contributing to the emergence of new and exciting paths in personal, organizational, or community development.

We asked Brian a few questions to get to know him better:

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How did you get your start at TERI?

A desire to make a difference for others. Also, excitement over the opening and integrative force of our Performing Arts Center, and thanks to Cathryn Beeks (a mutual friend of TERI, as well as a music/events producer, community workshop songwriter, radio personality). She introduced me.

Who inspired you to pursue the career you have today?

My parents, childhood friends, the spirit of Carlos Santana, 60’s music producer, Bill Graham (who integrated theatre with jazz and rock music venue management), as well as, real estate development and property manager, Michael Gelfand, along with many from my former job roles at U.C. San Diego, or my education at SDSU/Grossmont College. 

How would you evaluate success in your profession?

The smile one leaves with, the inspirations one carries with them, and the financial sustainability of future operations, as well as the birth of new and exciting trajectories in personal, organizational or community development.

What is your favorite type of event to organize and promote? 

Life enhancing experiences that combine live music, with spoken commentary, along with a genuine sense of shared community, reinforced by affordable access to nutrient food and opportunities for social engagement, participation, vulnerability.

What type of mentors do you seek out and why?  

Those who combine analytic philosophy with empathic communication, along with openness to creativity, world-wide cultural integration, and the far reaches of the imagination, without losing sight of a business structure and long-term sustainability, in light of political and physical challenges.  Those who have a firm grasp on mortality in juxtaposition with leaving a meaningful legacy, not only mindful of humans, but of animals and the environment, too.

What's one thing people don't know about you that they would be surprised to find out?

I like snow. I’m a certified ski instructor. I’m also a drummer/percussionist. I struggle with collecting many things and learning to let attachments and things in life go.

What is one thing that you have on your bucket list?  

Maybe getting married. Or, owning a cabin in the woods and celebrating wildlife.

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