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Our own Chef Jana will be the first to tell you that fresh, natural, locally sourced ingredients are the only ingredients she uses. Bright flavors, beautiful textures, and yes authentically delectable! 

So, meet Chef Jana’s 3 new hand-crafted dressings!


Strawberry Mint, Lemon Garlic & Green Chili Caesar


100% of the profits from the sale of every one of these dressings go back to the TERI Campus of Life supporting our work with children and adults with special needs.

Now until October 31, Common Perks Loyalty Club Members will receive 20% off their purchase and the general public will receive 10% off.  You won’t find these yummy dressings in the grocery store. So drop by the Café soon and pick up your favorite bottle while supplies last! Discounts are not available through online ordering. 

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